Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
1 Water Supply Water supply maintenance Package-2 (2014-15): Est.Rs.20.55 Lakhs. 1. Urgent repairs to collection well and replacement of I section beams at Nellimarla head water works, Est.Cost.Rs.9.65 Lakhs. 2. Providing sand bund across river Champavathi at Nellimarla head water works & Ramatheerthalu head water works, Est.Cost.Rs.0.95 Lakhs. 3. Repairs to Nellimarla master pump house building, Est.Cost.Rs.9.95 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 10000
2 Road Renewal and repairs to worn out existing B.T.road to M.R.P.G.College Road. Est.cost Rs.34.00 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 1700
3 Drain Construction of Drain back side of MR hospital in ward No. 28 in Vizianagaram municipality. (Est.Rs.9.97 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 500
4 Water Supply Re-roofing to the damaged tiled roof to Nellimarla Head Water Works. Est Cost Rs.21.00 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 1050
5 Shoping Complex Providing Infrastructure Facilities to Janata Bajar. (Est.Rs.29.00 Lakhs) 31/03/2016 3000
6 Road Repairs and renuwal with B. T. surface to the road from Mayuri jn, to state bank colony in ward No 23 (Est.Rs.15.00 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 750
7 Road Repairs and maintenance to the road from sirigudi lodge to Gayathri hotel near ZP office in ward No 33. (Est.Rs.13.00 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 650
8 Water Supply Water supply maintenance Package-3 (2014-15): Est.Rs.28.86 Lakhs. 1. Providing scover valves & repairs to M.S.pipe line (Distribution) line of Kothapeta reservoir, Est.Cost.Rs.7.00 Lakhs. 2. Supply and delivery of fixing of air valves and non return valves for Madhupada gravity main, Est.Cost.Rs.9.50 Lakhs. 3. Supply, delivery and fixing of air valves and non return valves in Madhupada pumping main, Est.Cost.Rs.7.40 Lakhs. 4. Supply, delivery and fixing scover points at various places in Mushidipalli water distribution area, Est.Cost.Rs.4.96 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 1443
9 Water Supply Water supply maintenance Package-I (2014-15): Est.Rs.21.15 Lakhs. 1. Construction of room at Kothapeta reservoir, Est.Cost.Rs.7.00 Lakhs. 2. Construction of new pumping room at Kothapeta reservoir, Est.Cost.Rs.6.30 Lakhs. 3. Construction of existing compound wall raising and jungle clearance of Kothapeta compound premises in ward No.2, Est.Cost.Rs.4.25 Lakhs. 4. Construction of Compound wall at Venugopala puram in Ward No.2, Est.Cost.Rs.3.60 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 350
10 Compound Wall Construction of Compound wall at Cattle depot in Ward No.9, Est.Cost.Rs.7.50 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 375
11 Water Supply Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells W.S. Package1,2015-16 (Est.Rs.50.00 Lakhs) 1. Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells (16 Nos.) fitter-I area (in W.Nos 2,6,8 to 11,17 & 18) (Est.Rs.10.00 Lakhs) 2. Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells (16 Nos.) fitter-II area (in W.Nos 3 to 5,12 to 16) (Est.Rs.10.00 Lakhs) 3. Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells (14 Nos.) fitter-III area (in W.Nos 19 to 24 & 33) (Est.Rs.8.75 Lakhs) 4. Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells (16 Nos.) fitter-IV area (in W.Nos 1,7,34 to 39) (Est.Rs.10.00 Lakhs) 5. Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells (14 Nos.) fitter-V area (in W.Nos 25,28 to 32 & 40) (Est.Rs.8.75 Lakhs) 6. Drilling of 112mm dia bore wells (4 Nos.) fitter-VI area (in W.Nos 26 & 27) (Est.Rs.2.50 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 2500
12 Roads CDP 2011-12: Package-2 (Est. Rs.8.00 Lakhs) 1. C/o CC Road from RTC Surraju house in Pradeepnagar Ward No.15.(Est.Rs.1.00 Lakhs) 2. C/o CC Road from Boda Rama house to Rongali Rama Rao house in Rongali veedhi Ward No.16. (Est.Rs.0.50 Lakhs) 3. C/o Compound wall to the VUDA park in Phase III, Vuda Colony, near bangaramma temple ward No.18. (Est.Rs.2.00 Lakhs) 4. C/o Road from Mamidi Chinayya tea stall to Burial ground in K.L.Puram ward No.20. (Est.Rs.2.00 Lakhs) 5. C/o CC Road from guntuboina Paparao house to Mylapalli janaki House in Kambayi veedhi Ward No.22. (Est.Rs.1.00 Lakhs) 6. C/o Road from Sutti Nagaraju house to Pothala Bangarraju house in Ward No.23. (Est.Rs.0.50 Lakhs) 7. C/o CC road from Botsa Satyanarayana house to Dasari Narayanamurthy house in Botsapeta Ward No.24. (Est.Rs.1.00 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 400
13 Road Providing gravel roads in Gunupurupeta land fill station premises, Est.Rs.9.80 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 490
14 Water Supply Replacement of pumps and motors at pilot water supply schemes. (Est.Rs.14.00 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 700
15 Road Laying of CC Road at Kothapeta Water tank. Est.cost Rs.6.80 Lakhs. 31/12/2015 340
16 Water Supply Replacement of 160 KW/215 HP Centrifugal Pumpsets, 350mm Dia Non Return Valves, 350mm Dia DI D/F Sluice Valves at Madhupada Pump House. (Est.Rs.47.00 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 2350
17 Road & Drain Laying of C.C Drain and CC road from Sri Venkateswara nilayam to Door No 1-17-76/3-1 in Dwarakanagar in ward No.26, Est cost. Rs.5.00 Lakhs 31/12/2015 250
18 Road Renewal with B.T. surface from S.Kota road to Marri Chennareddy Bhavan approach road in ward No.28 (Est.Rs.5.60 Lakhs) 31/12/2015 280