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Vizianagaram is located in the northern part of coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Vizianagaram is a combination of two words Vijaya which means victory and Nagaram meaning city. It is the district headquarters of Vizianagaram disctrict. It is located 18 km inland from the Bay of Bengal and 42 km to the northeast of Visakhapatnam.


The history of Vizianagaram district is with Kalinga dynasty. Vizianagaram district was formed on 1 June 1979. The district is bounded by Srikakulam in the east, Visakhapatnam in the southwest, Bay of Bengal in the southeast and Odisha in the Northest.


It is located in 18.12°N 83.42°E coordinates with an average elevation of 74 meters, bounded by Srikakulam on the east, Visakhapatnam on the south west, bay of bengal on the south east, odisha on the on the northwest.


Vizianagaram is highly humid all through the year and has good seasonal rains with a benefit of both South west and North east monsoons. The climate of the hill parts of the district is different from that of the plain


The population of the district is 23,44,474 and the town population is 2,28,025 as per 2011 census. The town has a population of 2,27,533 which constitues of 111,596 males and 115,937 females with a sex ratio of 1039 females per 1000 males. There are 20,487 children are in the age group of 0–6 years (10,495 are boys and 9,992 are girls). The average literacy rate is 81.85%.


Vizianagaram was constituted as a municipality in 1888 with an extent of 29.27 square kilometers. The total expenditure was ₹1,887.75 crore and total income was ₹2,367.51 crore during 2010-2011.


The largest ferromanganese plant is situated on the outskirts of the town. There are various jute mills locted in the outskits of the town, including the Hooghly Jute Mills. The town is a popular destination for the textile wholesale market.